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Considering the school-not-burning-down ending, this is an especially great story! But aside from that it is well told and I love that you started a Rosary Club!

Thanks Rae! I love a happy ending and I appreciate your kind words.

That's a beautiful rosary in the photo, and a great story! And how great to have a rosary club. Maybe I'll rename our daily rosary at the start of schoolwork . . . "Rosary Club" has a certain cachet . . .

That's awesome! Do you say a Rosary everyday?

Okay, I love this story! As a fellow high school teacher, I can picture myself making the same choice to lend the lighter ... and I'd be similarly mortified when I stopped to ponder the possible consequences. Sometimes it's a fine line between trusting our students and (frankly) covering our own behinds. :)

It is so awesome to be in your company! BTW - I love your blog!

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