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Suffer and Learn.

Not sure if I've burdened you with this or not; if so please accept my confused apologies:


Thanks for this lesson in suffering. I will always look at things differently now. Although I had some suffering to endure, it has brought me closer to God. Once again Allison, you have done a great job and helped me on my journey.

Allison, thank you for another beautifully presented post. Andrew's story illustrates the loving concept of sharing the suffering -- taking part of the suffering from another's shoulders. I especially loved Will's comment: "If he can't have his hair, why should we?" It reminds me of that old saying: "If we all share what we have, we'll all have what we need". I never thought about this idea with regard to something like suffering, but I see how the idea works -- we share in our suffering and we all become stronger.

As you probably know, the Martha Snell Nicholson poem has a special meaning for me. It offers such comfort and healing and reminds me of God's unconditional love.

Thank you for sharing your soul. I'll be praying for you during this Lenten season. I love that Lent is about creating space for the Spirit, a quiet in which to hear God, a strengthened heart committed to setting things right with each other.

In God's love, jer...

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