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Probably my best Lenten reading this year has been unintended reading done while substituting for the past four weeks in a high school English class reading the holocaust book by Elie Wiesel, "Night." As we read the book together, the actions of the German people who watch Jewish prisoners in stripes paraded through town and who do nothing, Jewish prisoners who act as "blockaltestes" or guards for other Jews, and other "collaborators" are questioned by the author. As I read these horrible scenes, I couldn't help but wonder, "Would I have done any differently?" Really? Would I have spoken up and risked being sent to a concentration camp (or shot on the spot) myself? As Holy Week approached, I began to transfer the feelings I've had in reading the book to the Passion of Christ. I WAS there when they crucified Him. My sins were part of the burden of the cross He carried. I denied Him in the courtyard just as Peter did. I betrayed Him along with Judas.

Thank you for this thought provoking post.


Thanks for your comments. I think it's too easy to look from a safe distance and say we wouldn't behave the way our ancestors did. Until we admit that we're capable of duplicating the horrors of the past, we are in danger of repeating them...

This reflection has been a powerful reminder for me too. I am mutually thankful and happy to find this post in my RSS Reader this week, Allison. Praise God!

-Jared Dees, The Religion Teacher

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