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Such a thoughtful post! I have only been in the south a few weeks and I've only been Catholic a year and a half, but I know that look from your friend. I've already seen it from a few who have asked what church we would be attending here. In my years of becoming Catholic, I received the look and many comments and questions from friends. I was thankful for opportunities to discuss the Church but it was very slow-going.

I will be praying for all those things on your list. One thing, though, I don't think I share your fear that the Catholic church is the oldest and slowest sheep and will therefore be the easiest to pick off. I actually see the Protestant churches succumbing more easily due to being so weak and lacking any central authority or unifying doctrine. I fear the Catholic Church will face persecution because it is seen as powerful because of numbers and the strong hierarchy.

Praying mainly for your personal hurts. May God grant you the grace to forgive your friend's ignorance.



Welcome to the South, Sandy! Despite my whining I do love it here. And the comments (ex. - Have you been saved? If so, when?) have helped me own and understand my faith better. I have no doubt that my friend's comment will be for the good too, so long as I let it. I agree with your comments about the Catholic church being strong, not weak. You said what I was feeling better than I did! ;-) I too believe we are in for a time of persecution and with two teenage boys it worries me... I still wouldn't leave it for the world. It is the most beautiful place on earth, so full of riches and beauty. Growing up in it I didn't know anything different and I took it for granted. Seeing it through converts eyes has been a great help to me. I'll never forget a man describing being at a retreat house and accidentally wandering into the Eucharistic Adoration chapel (he wasn't Catholic.) He described discovering the the Eucharist for the first time. "I've been robbed!," he said about the years he spent without It. In a sense I had been missing It too-right in front of my eyes! His sharing that story has blessed me and my relationship with the Eucharist, allowing me to see more clearly the blessings I've been given. Converts are often the best witnesses! ;-) Thanks for commenting, it's so great to have you following my blog!

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